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South Green Junior

Sports Premium 2020 2021

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown last academic year, we had an underspend which was carried over to this year. The total Sports Premium amount for this year was approximately £29 000. 

The table below outlines the the five key outcomes for Sport Premium funding to show initiatives we will use the money to pursue and the estimated allocation for each project.



Cost so far/ Estimated Cost


The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity

Bike shed/scooter rack


Quotes received- to be moved to next academic year if funding allows.

Portable Gazeebos for use on the playground in hot weather and for events


All four have been arrived with covers and weights and will be used for Sports Day.

Portable barriers for changing



Repairing the gym



This was larger than expected, but repaired two broken pieces of equipment as well as maintaining the others.

School marathon- daily running/walking around the playground



Free certificates have been used so far due to lockdown.

Improvements to the playground



Student voice identified stage and wooden activity trail as areas to focus on. We have priced up two new shelter areas and a new gym trail. Some funds will come from PTA.

Raising the profile of PE and sport across the school and using it as a tool for whole school improvement

Soap box racer- sponsorship money will be raised through a PE event. The children will use ART skills to design the racer.


This has been cancelled this year

Noticeboards newsletters and displays


Cheerleading achievements have been reported and certificates put up. Dance achievements and taster days have been reported.

Silver Award



Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE

Personalised staff PE CPD


Two members of staff have been doing gymnastic safety training courses.

Cover Costs


To cover staff on courses or PE leader to observe. Have not been used yet.

Broader experience of  a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils

Taster days (archery, fencing and Jag Tag)



All classes did at least one hour of archery and fencing. Students attended a competition in archery and did really well with Year 3 coming 3rd and Years 5 and 6 coming first. Two year groups are yet to do Jag Tag due to Covid-19 self-isolation and bad weather. This has been moved to September.

Sports Day and Week



Medals have been ordered

Playground equipment and activities


Not used yet, but items have been discussed with student voice and playleaders.

Increased participation in competitive sport

Cover for staff to take children to events


 Not needed

District Sports -contribution to medals and trophies


Normally asked for in the Summer term, but did not go ahead this year.

Access to SSP (School Sport Partnership)



We have taken part in several virtual competitions and they ran some G and T sessions for students.

Portable Floodlights



Smooga boards


 These have been used to separate bubbles on the playground and will be used to separate off the football pitch and for clubs once bubbles are lifted

Raising swimming attainment

To take a group to do top-up swimming



Year 4 students who had not been swimming were targeted. As we could not do full year groups, once class had to go at a time due to Covid-19 restrictions.


Staff salaries




Spent so far



Money left


Expected Impacts for 2020-2021

  • More children being active on the playground

Play leaders have all been trained in each year group to help facilitate play and physical activity. They activities have been popular on the playground in all year groups. All year groups have been participating in the school marathon and learnt dance for virtual competitions. In the Summer term we started using this a Road to Tokyo to try and motivate the whole school to do 5000 miles by the end of the term. Student voice has identified areas the pupils want improving.


  • Children will take part in a wider variety of sports (even if only for a taster session) and more sports will be available at the school.

All classes have done at least one hour of archery and fencing as taster day sessions. Two year groups have completed Jag Tag taster days with two years groups doing this in September. These have been positively received by children in all year groups.

  • A higher profile for sporting achievements around the school.

Successes are shared on the newsletter and on the noticeboard in the reception of the school. Children have been taking part in virtual competitions for cross country, archery, cheerleading and dance. Whole school participation in gaining the times for cross country,  scores for archery and taking part in our SSP daily mile Road to Tokyo. All classes learnt the dances for the virtual dance competition and we won the Year 3,4,5 and 6 virtual competitions for both cheerleading and dance. In archery year 3 came 3rd and years 5 and 6 came first. The school had the highest contribution of students to the SSP Road to Tokyo with 3159 miles in the Summer term.

 PE being used to improve/motivate pupil in other subjects such as: creative writing; maths; PHSE; art and design and science.

Art competition as part of Sports Week with prizes for the winner from each year group. Science has been linked into PE lessons that PE leader has observed.

  • Teachers being more confident in providing PE online learning and activities

Resources have been passed onto each year group to help with online learning. PE is included on the online work each week for pupils.

  • Teaching of PE to be consistently good or outstanding

PE evidence folder is starting to be used to show a snapshot of what is taught each half term in indoor and outdoor PE. Snapshot walk-throughs by subject leader have shown good/outstanding teaching being demonstrated. Observations have been carried out on some staff and year group and show good to outstanding PE teaching. PE leader has taken part in PE observations by SCITT and NQT students and allowed them to observe the subject leader to promote good practice and demonstrate how to improve in areas for development.