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South Green Junior

Sports Premium 2022 2023

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown last academic year, we had an underspend which was carried over to this year. The total Sports Premium amount for this year was approximately £18 364. We spent more than this due to money being committed from the previous payment (financial year).

The table below outlines the the five key outcomes for Sport Premium funding to show initiatives we will use the money to pursue and the estimated allocation for each project.





The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity

Bike shed/scooter rack


Actual cost was £9917, however he received a grant from Active Essex

Shed repairs


Stopped damage to our resources and equipment

Repairing and maintaining the outside gym


This is a resource that many children use throughout the week at breaktimes and lunchtimes to stay active.

Table tennis replacement parts


Allowed us to enter two teams this year (boys and girls), which was more than the previous year.

Resources for PE and to improve clubs



Included the purchase of new 7 and 9 a side goals.. New footballs, bibs and skipping ropes were also purchased out of this money.


Raising the profile of PE and sport across the school and using it as a tool for whole school improvement

Purchase of school swimming hats for the swimming gala


This will motivate pupils and help the image of PE.

Noticeboards newsletters and displays


Cheerleading achievements have been reported and certificates put up. Dance achievements and taster days have been reported.

Silver Award



Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE

Personalised staff PE CPD


ECT has been sent on gymnastic safety training. One member of staff doing LTA course (tennis). Help with dodgeball planning has been given by PE leader.

AfPE subscription


The membership provides Health and Safety guidance as well as other support for teachers through reduced cost of publications and their website.

Broader experience of  a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils


Yoga Day Coach


All children got to take part in a session designed for their year groups.

Sports Day and Week



Football coach


.Allowed increased numbers to attend football club in years 5 and 6 and keep it free.

Archery sets


Allowed all children to take part in an internal archery event. Also, used to prepare for a competition.

Increased participation in competitive sport

Cover for staff to take children to events



District Sports -contribution to medals and trophies



Access to SSP (School Sport Partnership)






We have taken part in over 16 different events including taster sessions and G and T sessions. They also have trained our playleaders.

Staff salary









£19 336

Impacts from 2022-23 academic year

  • More children being active on the playground

    Playleaders have been trained and will promote games on the playground. Cricket, Netball nets and basketball nets are constantly out to allow children to practise at lunchtimes if they choose to. Extra trials and clubs have allowed children more opportunities to be active at lunchtime for example the ‘Run in the Sun’ club for year 3 and 4 pupils. The bottom field has been opened at lunchtime to allow more space for year 6 pupils to be active. This is very well used.

    • Children will take part in a wider variety of sports (even if only for a taster session) and more sports will be available at the school.

    All children have had the opportunity to take part in archery sessions and year 5 and 6 pupils have had the opportunity to try badminton and table tennis. This was not offered as extensively last year. All children took part in a yoga session to increase mindfulness and give strategies to reduce stress and anxiety. Some year 3 and 4 children took part in an orienteering taster event. Additionally, we have entered a boys and girls team in cricket matches for the first time and sent a group girls to a shooting stars taster football session aimed at girls wanting to take part in football. Feedback from pupils about all the events were positive including children joining sporting clubs afterwards who did not before.

    • A higher profile for sporting achievements around the school.

    Certificates have been given out in assembly and there have been updates on performances in the newsletter. Both PE displays have been updated. New swimming hats have improved motivation to take part in the swimming gala. Children are consulted on how to improve events afterwards to provide exit feedback to evolve practise the following year.


    • Improve the PE academic performance of PPG and SEND pupils.

    Barrier plans for pupils with suggested ways to help overcome barriers in PE have been created. PPG and SEND pupils identified from previous year. PPG/SEND group targeted for different events such as girls’ football, B teams in events and orienteering to give children opportunities to represent the school and improve motivation within PE- 50% of PPG register have represented the school in sporting events and 40% of the SEND register. Foundation data will show an increase from Autumn to Summer in PPG/SEND students moving from Below to On Track or On Track to Above in PE.

    • More children to take part in intraspecific (within school) and interspecific (outside of school) competitions

    We are on track to enter a wider variety of competitions than the previous year. We have already taken part in the following competitions.

    Intraspecific: Dodgeball (y5 and 6); Archery (y3,4,5 and 6); Badminton (y5 and 6;, Cross Country (y3,4,5 and 6); Swimming (year 4); Table Tennis (y5 and 6); Football (y5 and 6 boys and girls); Cricket (boys and girls); Athletics (y,3,4,5 and 6). Netball (y4,5 and 6). All pupils have taken part in interspecific competitions.

    Interspecific: Dodgeball (y5 and 6); Netball (y 5 and 6); Football (y5+6 boys); Table tennis (y5 and 6); Archery (y3,4,5 and 6); Orienteering (y3 and 4); Athletics (y 3,4,5 and 6); Tag rugby  (y3,4,5 and 6); Cricket (y5 and 6 boys and girls); Cross Country (y3,4,5 and 6); Swimming Gala (y3,4,5 and 6).

    58% of the pupils have taken part in interspecific competitions this year.


    • Teaching of PE to be consistently good or outstanding

    One member of staff has been on a Gymnastics course and they say it has improved their confidence in this area. Another member of staff is undertaking tennis training later this term. Pupil Voice has indicated ways to improve PE lessons and overcome their barriers. This feedback has been shared with teachers to help improve practice. Observations were completed on new staff and feedback/mentoring given where needed to improve PE teaching and confidence.