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South Green Junior

Shanghai Maths Problems


Shanghai problem no.1

 Mr Simmons travelled 5755 miles from London Heathrow Airport to Pudong International Airport in Shanghai. The flight took 11 hours and the plane flew at 37,000 feet. When Mr Simmons arrived at his hotel he went to the gym and ran 5km on the treadmill in 35 minutes. How far did Mr Simmons travel in total?

 Shanghai problem no.2

 Mr Simmons woke up at 07.00 on Saturday morning and drove to Heathrow airport. His flight left at 14.30 UK time and was 11 hours long.  The time difference with Shanghai is 8 hours. On the plane, he managed to sleep for 2 hours. Mr Simmons landed at 08.30 local time on Sunday morning. Once he had gone through passport control, collected his luggage and travelled by coach to the hotel, he finally arrived at 11.30 local time. How long did it take Mr Simmons to travel from his home in Essex to the hotel in Shanghai?

 Shanghai problem no. 3

Today in Shanghai the sun shone and the temperature reached 21 degrees Celsius. In Billericay, the temperature was just 45 degrees Fahrenheit. What was the difference in temperature between the two places (and who was happier!)?

Shanghai problem no. 4

Maths lessons in Shanghai only last for 40 minutes each day compared with one hour in England. If the school year is 39 weeks long, how much more Maths teaching do children in Billericay receive than children in China?

Shanghai problem no. 5

After school, Mr Simmons visited the Shanghai Tower. The tower is the second tallest building in the world and stands 632 metres high. The lift, which travels at up to 18 metres per second, starts in the basement and goes up to the 118th floor. If Mr Simmons travelled from -13 metres up to 546 metres, how far did he travel in total?

Shanghai problem no. 6
The population of China is 1.4 billion (1,400,000,000) people. The average person in China is 165cm tall.  What is the combined height of everybody in China?
Shanghai problem no.7
Arrange the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 so the first two digits are a multiple of 2, the first three digits are a multiple of 3, the first four digits are a multiple of 4 and so on. What is the order? (This one is really hard!)
Shanghai problem no.8
Mr Simmons will fly home on Friday. He will leave the hotel at 07.30 and travel to Pudong International Airport. His flight departs at 11.30 local time, is 12 hours long and at lands at 16.30 UK time. What is the time difference between Shanghai and London?