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Keeping Safe

Keeping you safe at school and home

Working at home is something you are all getting used to. In school it is easy to tell somebody if you see something online that upsets you or you know to be wrong or if somebody’s behaviour upsets or hurts you. When you are working at home this can sometime be harder. Below are two ways you can contact the school to tell them your concerns. Even though you are not in school we are all still here to support you and keep you safe.


dB primary

You can use dBprimary to contact any member of staff at school. All staff check their accounts regularly. You can also ‘blow the whistle’ on dB primary (see separate guide) this can be used to report and worries or concerns you might have.



This is an online reporting tool where you can report any worries you may have to the school. You might want to report something you have seen online that has scared, shocked you or that you know is inappropriate, something somebody might have said to you either face to face, via a messaging service or an email or anything that you have witnessed either at home or at school that you need to tell an adult about.

You can report anonymously but it will be easier for school staff to help you if you include your name. Anything you report will be taken seriously and a member of staff will investigate the matter.

Below is a copy of the Whisper icon which contains a link to the site and images of the form you will see when you need to report a concern.