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South Green Junior

Breakfast Club

The Junior School runs a Breakfast club each morning from 7.40 – 8.40 a.m.

All children from reception to Year 6 may attend.  (Infant school children will be escorted to the Infant School at 8.45 a.m).

From Tuesday 5th January 2021 our charges for Breakfast Club increase to £5.00 per session for the first child and £4.50 for siblings.  We have not increased our charges since 2014, however because of the popularity of Breakfast Club we have had to employ extra staff to supervise the children.   Also there has been a significant increase in food prices over the last five years.  We feel that Breakfast Club still offers excellent value for child care.

Breakfast comprises of low salt /sugar cereals such as rice crispies or shreddies, toast, orange juice.

Activities include art, board games, puzzles, computer games and playground fun.

Supervision:  Mrs Sorano, Mrs Kambur and Mr Ayton, members of the junior school staff lead the Breakfast Club.