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We are always happy to listen to you and to discuss any worries you may have about your child's well-being.

At school, we teach children about well-being through our curriculum (PSHE, PE, RE, ICT & Science), through assemblies, after-school activities and special visitors.

We also use the Thrive Approach to support children's social, emotional and mental health, good self-esteem, resilience and emotional regulation. Please see our separate page and further information about Thrive to find out more.

For children who need a little more support with their mental health, we are able o provide access to a counsellor on site every Thursday morning. Our counsellor is called Sue Prichard (Working 4 Children), who has worked with the school for many years, supporting many children to overcome emotional difficulties and worries.

If your child shows serious emotional and mental health difficulties, we can support you in making a referral to 'EWMHS' (the Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service) and offer support to you in approaching your GP to request additional help for your child.

If you are looking for information about a particular issue, you may find the leaflets below useful:

Mental Health

Disordered Eating


Loneliness and Isolation