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South Green Junior

School Priorities

School Priorities for 2020-2021

Area 1: Leadership and Management

Objective 1:1

All pupils’ learning and work across South Green Junior School’s rich curriculum is of a consistently high quality because leaders at all levels have given teachers focused and highly professional development through a three year plan to secure excellent teaching by developing teachers’ subject; pedagogical and pedagogical content knowledge, starting in 2020/2021 with science, art and RSHE.

Success criteria:

  • Three year programme for the development of teaching and learning in all subjects written based on an analysis of need.
  • Headteacher, science and art leaders’ ‘deep dives’ show pupils consistently achieve high quality learning and work, particularly the most disadvantaged. Pupils with SEND achieve exceptionally well.
  • External moderation of science and art work, with other schools, shows pupils consistently achieve high quality learning and work, particularly the most disadvantaged. Pupils with SEND achieve exceptionally well.
  • SENDCO and SLT to work with subject leaders to organise bespoke training where needed.
  • Senior and subject leader monitoring shows that the school’s curriculum intent and implementation are embedded securely and consistently across the school.
  • Focused and highly professional staff development undertaken in art and science in 2020/2021.
  • Building on the home learning undertaken during lockdown, subject leaders create webinars (core subjects), which are uploaded onto the website or website pages, to support parents to continue to develop pupils’ learning and skills in all subjects, and in particular, art and science in 2020/2021.

Area 2: Pupil Progress

 Objective 2:1

All pupils in all year groups reach the reading, writing and maths targets that are set following the September 2020 baseline assessments.

Success criteria:

  • Baseline assessments undertaken in all year groups in September 2020.
  • End of year targets set for all pupils and year groups in September 2020.
  • Pupils reach the set targets in reading, writing and maths
  • Governor attends data meeting held with external adviser.

Objective 2:2

Analyse gaps in pupils learning across the curriculum, caused by the Covid-19 lockdown, and address barriers and inconsistencies in learning through the specific targeting of the Covid-19 catch up grant and other planned interventions.

Success criteria:

  • Barriers identified and strategies to overcome these included in subject overview matrices and lesson plans.
  • Catch up grant plan, to tackle the impact of lost teaching time, created and implemented.
  • SENDCO to improve provision for SEN and DAPS.
  • Rewritten lesson observation proformas in place from September 2020, requiring specific monitoring of provision for SEND and DAPs and points for improvement for SEND and DAP pupils identified.

Area 3: Strategic Planning

Objective 3:1

Implement the statutory RSHE curriculum from September 2020.

 Success criteria:

  • Consultation with parents completed and all issues successfully addressed.
  • New scheme of work in place before summer 2021
  • Monitoring shows that the RSHE curriculum is being implemented in line with the school’s intent (lesson observations, work scrutiny, pupil voice)
  • Headteacher reports to governors show that there is a breadth of study and progression in theme/strands.

Objective 3:2

Support pupils to recover emotionally following the Covid-19 crisis by using appropriate Thrive approaches and resources and by teaching the mental health strands from the RSHE curriculum.

Success criteria:

  • Use Thrive materials and approaches effectively to support pupils adapt to school after the Covid-19 lockdown.
  • Use RSHE ‘Jigsaw’ curriculum resources at the appropriate time to supporting pupils in developing emotional resilience.

Please click for our School Development Plan 2020 to 2021.