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Use and Impact of Pupil Premium Funding 2018/2019

In 2017-2018 (financial year) we received £40,920. The funding was spent on extra teaching staff to teach Year 6 in three groups for English and Maths to ensure accelerated progress, one to one tuition, additional teaching assistant support and the lunchtime ‘Nurture Group’. It also supported the enrichment activities outlined below for those children attracting the Pupil Premium.

It also supported the enrichment activities outlined below for those children attracting the Pupil Premium.

Please see the review of Pupil Premium Funding spending and impact below for more detail:

PPG Review 2018/2019


Plans for the financial year 2018/2019 are outlined below:


  Type of Support   Amount

   1:1 Tuition


  Learning Support Assistants (Intervention groups,    support in lessons)


  Additional teacher in Year 6 a.m.


 Reading intervention group in year 6 (MAPs/HAPs)


 SENCO supporting PP LAPs in year 5/6


 Nurture Club & additional TA support on 



 Thrive Practitioner (working directly with pupils 

  who receive PPG)


 Extended School Support including:

Breakfast Club

School Visits

Music Tuition

After school clubs & activities






The extra support is supplied in the following ways:

  • Additional support of TAs and HLTAs to work with small groups of pupils in Maths and Literacy to encourage positive attitudes to learning and assist them in making accelerated progress to meet Age Related Expectations.
  • Providing additional teachers in Year 6 to provide targeted support in order to ensure accelerated progress for disadvantaged pupils.
  • Subsidising educational trips and residential visits to ensure that pupils have equal access to all enrichment activities. 
  • To fund additional hours for Teaching Assistants in each class to support small groups.
  • To employ an additional Midday assistant to support pupils during lunch times to develop their social skills and to encourage children to play positively through the lunchtime Nurture Group.
  • To subsidise the Breakfast Club/ before school care which provides support for children who would benefit from extended school hours.
  • Enriching the wider curriculum to part fund visitors to the school who enhance the curriculum such as authors and musicians.
  • To provide training to assist staff in their role of supporting pupils with a range of needs so that pupils make good progress in their learning.

The impact of the money allocation will result in children attracting the Pupil Premium making at least the same progress as other children to meet or exceed Age Related Expectations.