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South Green Junior

Governor Committee Membership

To contact the Chair of any committee, please write to the relevant person c/o South Green Junior School and either hand in to the office or post to the school. All correspondence received will be forwarded to the Governing Body.



Simon Lock (Chair)

Hazel Clark

Clare Fulk



Hazel Clark (Chair)

Liz Benjeddi 

Simon Lock


Staff Disciplinary / Dismissal 

Simon Lock (Chair)

plus any 2 governors with no prior involvement



Staff Appeals 

Martin Bower (Chair)

plus any two governors with no prior involvement



Pupil Discipline / Exclusion 

Any 3 governors with no prior involvement (elect Chair for the meeting)



Complaints Review

Stage 1 - Simon Lock (CoG), unless the complaint relates to the Chair

Stage 2 - any 3 governors except the CoG, HT and staff governor

(elect Chair for the meeting)


Headteacher Performance Management Panel

 Simon Lock

Martin Bower

Hazel Clark