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Geography Curriculum Intent

Through our geography curriculum we aim to give our pupils, a strong understanding of the world around them. We want to inspire them to have a lifelong curiosity and intrigue about the natural and human features of our world. Through our teaching of geography we aim to provide a basis for the children to become confident and independent learners and enable them to develop skills and knowledge about their surroundings and the wider world.

Geography Policy 


geography policy 2022.pdf


 Geography at South Green Junior School

Geography is the study of places, the relationship between humans and their physical environment.

Click on the link below to see just some of the wonderful places and environments of our world, demonstrating our world's geographical features:


Click on the following links to find out about KS1 and KS2 Geography in our World and The United Kingdom today: 

We live, work, socialise and holiday in particular places because of the Human and Physical environment in these places. 

In school, we teach Geography through topic work, however it is also connected to P.E, Math, History and many different subjects. 

At home, Geography can also be taught by exploring a variety of environments, whether it is on a short walk near home, a day out in the UK or during a holiday in the UK or abroad. 

South Green Junior School's Geography Curriculum:


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 3

Our Place

in the World

Part 1



Our Place

in the World






Year 4



South America




Year 5







Year 6





Global Warming


Geography Lead: Mrs Sandra Turner


Here are some links below, you could access with your children to learn more about the geographical world around us or places you could visit and explore

Google Earth

National Geographic Kids      

Kids World Travel Guide       

BBE Geography Bitesize KS2


Images different places from a coastline, a mountain range and local river.



Activities to do when you are out and about:

There are many activities you could do with your children to help them explore their world. You could teach your child map reading skills through orienteering at a country park in Essex or geocaching on a local walk. (Geocaches are little boxes hidden in all sorts of places, from towns and cities to the countryside. You can log your find as well in the box or on the app you need to download to find them.)

Take a boat ride along the River Chelmer. Look at how the river meanders through the countryside and they type of vegetation that grows in this area. Watch out for Kingfishers!

Visit Essex Country Parks and look at the wildlife that lives there. Build a shelter.

Visit a beach, explore the rock pools, watch and listen to the waves. Build a sand castle with a moat. Think about what you see out at sea. How did it get there? Why is it there?

If you visit any interesting geography websites or places, please let us know by emailing the school admin for the attention of the Geography Co-ordinator, we may be able to add your ideas to our webpage.