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Design Technology

 Welcome to South Green Junior School's Design Technology page. You will find lots of resources to help with design technology at school and at home.

Design and Technology Lead - Miss Thurston





Design and Technology encourages children to learn to think and intervene creatively to solve problems, both as individuals and as a member of a team. At South Green Junior School, we encourage children to think creatively and imaginatively, to design and make products that vary within a range of contexts with a broad design brief. We aim to, wherever possible, link work to other disciplines such as mathematics, computing, science and topics. The children are given opportunities to reflect upon and evaluate their design and products to further encourage them to take risks and develop their skills.


Website Links

Kids Craft Room - You will find lots of fun creative activities in here, you will be able to print these off. They also update their website and place different activities for special occasions.

Easypeasyandfun - Another great website to find craft ideas to do at home, along with seasonal and special occasion craft ideas, which is fun for all! 

BBC Bitesize - This is a resource that will help with all the key features of Design Technology that will be covered in school.


Resources to support at home.

Design Brief - This is a short guide on what a design brief is and what your child will be expected to know as they complete a design brief.

Technical Dictionary - This is a guide full of Design Technology key terms and their definitions.

Exploded Drawing - In upper KS2, children will be expected to start drawing their designs and products in a way that shows all the aspects of the product. This is called exploded diagrams, which you can find an example of this below.

Exploded Diagram

Exploded diagrams are common in instruction manuals showing part placements, or step by step guides to help user assembly. Lego™ and IKEA™ produce brilliant examples.